Our Crows Nest boutique space offers a clean, safe and ergonomic play area for dogs in our day care that can be sectioned off to ensure dogs of same size or temperament play together. Created with the safety and comfort of your dog in mind, our indoor facility has rubber flooring to provide comfort for your canine’s paws, muscles and joints. Your pooch will experience a balanced day of supervised play, socialisation, exercise and relaxation. They’ll form new friendships and have a paw-some time! What more could a dog ask for?


We walk dogs in our day care service twice a day, on a leash. Walking routes include the nearby dog park. We ensure your furry friend gets all the exercise they require during their stay, so when you collect them at the end of the day, they return home happy and satisfied. 


There is scheduled ‘naptime’ each day for dogs to get the rest they need in our comfortable and peaceful environment. Dedicated relaxation time helps reduce problems associated with an overtired dog, and ensures your pooch feels re-energised and balanced.


Doggy day care offers many other benefits you may not have considered! It helps build confidence in your dog through supervised play and socialisation while giving them the loving companionship they need when you can’t be around them.

Paw Republic day care criteria

  • We are selective about what dogs we allow at our day care facility.
  • We conduct behaviour assessments on all newly enrolled canine friends to ensure the safety of your dog and all others in our care.
  • You will be required to present a current C5 vaccination certificate upon enrolment.
  •  It is a requirement that any dog in our care over the age of six months has been spayed or neutered. If not, kindly come in and have a chat with us.
  • We aim to walk your dogs come rain or shine. However, for the safety of your dog, we reserve the right to cancel walks in extreme weather conditions.